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Th!nk opened up the business travel to debate the industry’s overlooked questions. The hybrid event took attendees on a journey of thought disruption; teaming up with GBTA to challenge the norm and bring an alternative mindset to travel.

We heard global insights and local trends from around the world, delving into the latest innovation and tackling controversial topics head on.

Th!nk Highlights

State of the Americas Corporate Travel Industry in 2022

We have so many questions about the current and future state of corporate travel. And while many of these conversations so far have been rooted in educated conjecture, it's about time we start adding legitimacy to these debates with one indisputable factor: data. Listen in as Suzanne Neufang, CEO at GBTA, and Charlene Leiss, President at Flight Centre Travel Group explore.

The Great Debate: Sustainability vs Savings vs Wellness

All eyes are on sustainability, but at what cost? Can you be sustainable while also saving money and maintaining employee wellbeing? Travel industry pros pitch each of these three instrumental pillars in the future of business travel, and we’ll cross-examine to make you wonder if you can have it all.

Pitching Cost: Andy Cassidy, Corporate Travel Manager for AMC Networks
Pitching Sustainability: Glenn Thorson, Thrust Carbon
Pitching Wellness: Gilles Trantoul, Amadeus

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Case Study: Implementation with Bacardi

When Bacardi implemented 15 countries in one day for their travel programme, communication was key. From roadshows and online training sessions, Jane Rangel, Global Category Lead Buyer - Indirect Procurement at Bacardi shares how together with FCM, we trained travellers to understand travel policy and business travel technology.

DEI as the new business talent retainer

It used to be the travel policy and perks that kept and attracted new talent to a company. Not anymore. Policies around DEI are among the drivers when people are choosing the type of employer they want. Listen in as Emese Graham, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager at FCTG Americas, engages in a compelling discussion on this important change with Carol Fergus, Director of Global Travel, Events, and Ground Transportation at Fidelity International.

The Secret Goldmine: What do TMCs do with all that data?

Get the inside scoop on the thoughts and top-level thinking from travel buyers to come out of a FCM and FESTIVE ROAD propathon held earlier this year. Those looking for better and more varied data from their TMC will want to join this hunt in the secret goldmine of travel data. 

Hear from Louise Kilgannon, Lead Consultant at FESTIVE ROAD and Stephen Pitcher, Chief Data Science Officer at FCM

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Sustainable Business Travel – Turning Ambition into Action

Jenny Sabineu, Salesforce and Delphine Millot, SVP for Sustainability, GBTA take a deep dive into the world of sustainability. We all know we need to do better, but how do we turn those objectives into meaningful action?

Corporate Travel: High on wellness

Corporate wellbeing meets wellness benefits as we cosy up with FCM’s partners to explore how wellness programmes throughout the corporate travel experience can improve safety, increase engagement and enhance a traveller’s overall health. Join Vicki Parris, VP Customer Success at FCM Travel Asia with Martin Gallego, Hilton - Southeast Asia; Todd Arthur, Sabre - Asia Pacific; and Dr. Walter Lim, Fullerton Health - Singapore.

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