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About Fortescue Metals Group

Founded in 2003 and now one of Australia’s largest iron ore producers, Fortescue Metals Group produces 170 million tonnes of iron ore annually.

The Australian operated mining company has discovered and developed major iron ore deposits and constructed some of the most significant mines in the world. The company is recognised as the lowest cost seaborne provider of iron ore into China.

The Challenge:

Fortescue sought to:
  • Centralise and automate the booking process
  • Provide access to real-time data for greater visibility of traveller whereabouts
  • Improve the traveller experience
  • Utilise booking data to forecast savings
  • Strengthen duty of care processes

In summary, the objective was to develop a travel management solution leveraging both technology and expertise on hand to reduce the inefficiencies associated with a complex travel program.

The Solution:

With a focus on innovative technology to create more efficiency through automation, an initiative was started to integrate Fortescue’s internal logistics management system with FCM’s online booking platform.

The integration of Fortescue’s internal logistics management system with FCM’s platform represents two years of work and the technical expertise of three key stakeholders – Fortescue and their workforce management system provider Vix Resources, and FCM.

  • The initiative was developed during a series of ‘discovery and fact finding’ workshops between key stakeholders. All the key components of Fortescue’s travel program were considered to ensure Fortescue’s objectives were met.
  • Once the discovery phase was complete, the project moved into the implementation stage, where the amalgamation of the two platforms began.
  • FCM provided high-level innovative thinking and advice around the technology solutions to enable the project to take shape.
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