The Importance of an Interim Travel Policy

With unprecedented times comes the need for flexibility, especially with something as important as travel policy. While the common solution may be changing your travel policy all together, a more practical approach is to implement an interim travel policy – a policy created when a situation changes significantly for a brief period, with the expectation that things are likely to return to normal.

Apart from the benefits of implementing an interim travel policy to address a short-term rapidly evolving landscape, and the changes to consider, this white paper also contains recommendations specific to Covid-19, as well as a template that serves as a guide for you to use when putting together an interim travel policy, and expanding upon it to ensure all your needs are met.

intrim Travel Policy

There’s no one size fits all example when it comes to creating an interim travel policy, something that works for one company could prove disastrous for another; a travel policy can be a very detailed document, so there’re many things to consider when creating an interim policy.

So if an interim travel policy is something you’re not aware of, or feel uncomfortable creating on your own, we’re here to help; request to speak with an FCM representative to find out how we can support your business.

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