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Why trawl through multiple websites and make panic calls to various suppliers when you can do it with ease via one solution?

The source of all truth.
One omnichannel FCM Platform.


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Simple and smart.

That’s the FCM promise to you when you and your travellers want to access and book our rates through the FCM Platform,
designed and created to be the one-stop aggregator for all rates including FCM’s unique hotel content.

The plug-and-play enabled platform allows multiple channels access including:

Online Booking Tools

Kiss goodbye to global inconsistencies with FCM’s best-in-market OBT for different countries, which will cater to your global, regional or local needs across any device.

Smart Fares Display

Customises personal, relevant, and specific requirements of your travellers that adheres to your travel policy compliance

Mobile Assistance

Book/request, notifications on disruptions or critical incidents, traveller tracking, and even approvals – this brings all-in-one to the next level!

Consultant Assistance

Available 24/7, our travel experts are just a call/chat or email away at any point throughout your journey.

Safer, smarter, smoother travel. Let's talk.

If you are tired of checking rates across multiple channels and want to look for that one paradiso of hotel bookings that still ensures you’re not short-changed, you should definitely speak to us.                                                            

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Hotel seek and book. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re absolutely convinced that the best way to book hotels is with a TMC. That’s why we’re determined to offer you the easiest way to do this – our HOG (Hotel Optimisation Guide). While Harry Potter’s HOGwarts this may not be, we hope you’ll find it equally spellbinding. 

Hotel bookings for business travel that just… works

Don’t just believe what we say, you should check it out yourself.

With every FCM hotel programme comes a barrage of perks: rates of value that matter to you and a game-changing travel programme that ticks your boxes for duty of care, traveller satisfaction and even optimised-ROI.
By having complete visibility over your hotel bookings through consolidation, you’ll be able to keep a handle on your spend – and know exactly where your travellers are if you need to bring them home.